[make me choose] anonymous asked: Kalel's blue/green hair, or her rainbow hair?

↳ {Kalel's blue/green hair}

feel the c i t y as you w a l k ;

[make me choose] anonymous asked: Snow White cosplay or Fluttershy cosplay?

↳ {Snow White cosplay}

[make me choose] kalelandmel asked: Wonderland Wardrobe or Frilly and Fancy?

↳ {Wonderland Wardrobe}

[make me chooseianpie asked: Kalel with short hair or long hair?

↳ {Kalel with short hair}

i kinda wanna do some kalel related “make me choose” gif sets/edits

( ˘ ³˘)

Anonymous said:
Is Kalel's ask fm real?

i’m not sure honestly, i did a quick search and i can’t find anything that says it’s legit or fake :/