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kalel cullen in 2014 - august 

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oh yeah to the anon who asked about the captions i used on this edit

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I love how passionate Kalel is about being an animal activist. She’s spreading awareness. She does research. She’s not ignorant. She’s just simply giving animals a voice because they don’t have one. Kalel is not “shoving” the idea of eating meat-free down your throat. She’s simply building up awareness. Her intentions aren’t bad at all. Her idea benefits both animal and humans. And she's so fierce, I love that. She’s fighting what she believes in and you should be open-minded and respect that.

and i agree!! she’s passionate and it clearly shows, and she’s completely right. she’s giving information, and you can use it however you want. and really, if there’s people who are angered by it, maybe they should think about why they’re so angry about animal rights, lol. don’t like seeing posts about it, don’t be stupid enough to follow her on twitter where she’s made it clear she’d talk about it, imo.

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